I have been running drum workshops since 2003 for groups as diverse as schools, festivals, village fetes, special needs, private parties, scout groups, corporate events, senior citizens etc. Tell me more …



With over 50 years experience as a drummer/percussionist and over 20 years as a private teacher, I offer tuition for the drum kit, guitar, djembe, congas, bongos, didgeridoo and tabla drums

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Drum Circle

The drum circle really is a great deal of fun, a musical and social event in one! No experience or ability required. Come and have a go! Tell me more …



Humdrum is a small very friendly, family oriented live world music festival in the broadest sense featuring music from every continent and from right here.
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Healing Sounds

I have been fascinated by the spirituality of sound ever since I sang Gregorian plainchant in a church choir as a young boy. In my teens my focus became more Eastern and I started listening to and chanting mantras, becoming interested in yoga and mysticism in all its forms.
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TESTIMONIAL “We’ve always been inspired by Chris’ down to earth approach. He communicates directly with the musician in each and every one of us.” Hazel Farrow | Music teacher
Bedford Modern School
TESTIMONIAL “Truly magnificent performance from a man who lives, breaths and knows his drums and how to make them sing! Excellent entertainment to end our client’s corporate dinner at Down Hall Manor and Country Club.” Robin Campbell
Solid Silver Productions
TESTIMONIAL “Thank you very much for providing the percussion workshop at the Summer Scheme for young people with disabilities. This session was very well received and the young people thoroughly enjoyed themselves.” Sue Martin
Aylesbury Youth Action
TESTIMONIAL “ Chris’s skill as a drummer is unquestionable; but as Doudoumba his wealth of knowledge about drums together with unbounded enthusiasm and energy deliver a great show: everyone within hearing range is drawn in.” Guy Lambourne | Community Liason
Forest of Marston Vale
TESTIMONIAL “Chris works very well with the children and he responds to their needs and realises their abilities. The children thoroughly enjoyed the work Chris did with them and they have requested his return” Sharon Brady | Playleader
Coldharbour Children’s Centre