Ancient Sanskrit mantras accompanied by gongs, singing bowls,  ting shas, didgeridoo, sita, veena, zither, shruti box, tabla & djembi.

For many years I have been a yoga practitioner and my morning sadhana (spiritual practice) includes a puja (an offering to the Hindu gods and goddesses), the singing of mantras, japa (mantra repetition), pranayama (yogic breathing), & yoga postures, before a walk down to the river to offer flowers to the water.

Over the years my interest in the science and philosophy of sound has grown and I have come to realise its centrality to our existence and the opportunities it offers to enhance our lives immeasurably.

Over many years I have collected a large number of instruments including sitar, veena, didgeridoos, gongs, singing bowls, zither, ting shas, carrillion, tamboura, tabla and djembe drums, most of which are considered sacred in their native cultures. I learned to play them together in a kit format while chanting mantras. This is is the centre piece to the healing sound evenings.

Each session includes very ambient and soulful instrumental music, mantra chanting, breathing exercises, meditation, refreshment, an instrument workshop and finally an energising kirtan session so people leave highly energised.

These sessions are friendly, informal, relaxed and require no previous experience or knowledge, just a willingness to open up to the gift of profound sound.

You might want to wear loose comfortable clothing since you are probably going to sit cross-legged on cushions, although there are chairs provided in case you would find this more comfortable.


Group sessions every Monday evening 7.30 to 9.30 by appointment only. Price £15 (discount for regular repeat sessions)

OM Studios,  Gravenhurst,  Bedfordshire,  MK45 4JA,  01462   711630